Candle Touch


Israeli tech startup has created the first - app enabled, real fire, real wax ,real scented candle you light with an app.   Not an LED or liquid candle but true wax filled scented  glass candle with the added ability to light up to 10 candles! Light up via your smartphone app


Natural Coconut wax.  
and  Highly scented  with 10% fragrance load.


Key Smart Features:

Smart Base is re-usuable with rechargeable battery. (vis USB )


Light candle via bluetooth so it has to be within sight.  Can light up to 10 candles at once limitation is bluetooth technology.   You would identify and pair each of your candles before so you can label each one -dining room, kitchen etc. (These are NOT  wifi or Internet as that could be dangerous  as you could light the candle without being in the room)


Self ignition mechanism - just tap your phone and works continuously until you use up the wax in the candle.

App is password protected so you your children or others could not light up the candle for you.

Bluetooth 5.0 embedded in base and detects distance allowing communication only within sight of candle


Can buy refills of the candles for further enjoyment.


No need for matches or lighters.


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